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Updated: May 18, 2020

What can acupuncture treat? I get that question all the time. Friends, family, the bank teller, the hairdresser, physicians, everybody! Well, acupuncture can treat many conditions. Hundreds of studies have shown that acupuncture successfully treats pain, but it is not exclusively for pain, it can also help many other ailments.

Here are the top 10 reasons people seek acupuncture (AND by the way, get amazing results!):

  1. Back pain. This is the most common reason for people to seek acupuncture and it is definitely #1 in my clinic. I see back pain almost every day. Back pain can be debilitating and it really affects the quality of life of a person. Acupuncture reduces or eliminates back pain and it does it in a drug-free manner with results that in most cases lasts long term.

  2. Joint pain: Knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow pain, hip pain. Acupuncture reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and stimulates cell repair. Read my blog How acupuncture gets rid of pain.

  3. Migraines, headaches, and tension headaches. Acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of migraines and has been shown to increase the quality of life when compared to medications. The American Migraine Foundation sees acupuncture as a valuable treatment for migraines.

  4. Fertility. Acupuncture is a successful treatment for male and female infertility, it improves sperm quality, ovary function, and balances the endocrine system and hormones.

  5. Women’s health. Menstrual pain, menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome.

  6. Digestive problems. Acupuncture is effective in a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders including nausea and vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea, peptic ulcer disease, Crohn's disease, postoperative ileus, and even gallstone disease.

  7. Anxiety and Depression. Acupuncture has immediate calming and relaxing effects. Antidepressants can take a few weeks to start working so acupuncture is a good option while waiting for the antidepressant effects to kick in. Acupuncture can also enhance the response to prescription anti-anxiety medications and may also reduce the medication side effects. As expected, acupuncture can’t always treat moderate or severe depression or anxiety alone and you should always talk with your doctor before considering reducing or going off of any medication. Read my blog Did you know acupuncture can help with Anxiety, Depression, and Stress?

  8. Weight loss. I always tell my patients there are not enough needles in this world that can make them lose weight if they will eat a chocolate cake after having acupuncture, Lol. Acupuncture can help weight loss when used in conjunction with healthy eating, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications. Acupuncture regulates hormones (may reduce insulin and leptin resistance which are appetite-regulating hormones), relieves stress, leads to better sleep, and boosts your energy. There is an acupuncture point in the ear that is used for cravings and that is a must in all my weight loss treatments, it really does wonders!

  9. Side effects of cancer treatment. Acupuncture helps reduce nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.

  10. To "balance my body" and "to boost the immune system". The basis of Chinese medicine is PREVENTION. Prevention or treatment in the early stage of a disease is much more beneficial than treating it after the onset. Many of my patients see me once or twice a month for a “balancing treatment”, to prevent diseases, have a stronger immune system, improve energy, and feel energized and rejuvenated. Acupuncture can regulate immunity, increase anticancer and antistress immune function, and has anti-inflammation effects. ALL OF THESE ARE MUCH NEEDED NOW IN THE COVID ERA.

Acupuncture has many benefits. The list is long. If you have questions and are wondering if acupuncture can help you, I offer FREE initial consultations. Feel free to call (480) 243-2453 or schedule your free consultation online.


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