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Success Stories


I have seen many acupuncturist over the years and Karla is the best! She provides wonderful individualized care and attention that gets results! Her care has supported me through stress management, infertility, pregnancy, and many physical aches and pains. I highly recommend her to anyone new to acupuncture or looking to change to an intuitive, caring provider. I will continue to see her and bring my family for years to come!

- Aimee S, Mesa AZ


I started seeing Karla in January for a sore back.  My back is now back to normal and I am happy to say that I am back to my normal activities.  Since then Karla has also helped with my GERD, allergies, and general stress management.  I highly recommend her.  In fact, I have referred several of my family members to her.  They are all as pleased as I am with the high level of care provided.


- Aaron C, Scottsdale AZ





Karla is very carrying and is very good at her practice of acupuncture. I was in acute pain from a back injury. A mixture of chiropractic care and Karla's work has made a world of difference. She is also treating me for menopausal issues and migraines as well, and so far all is heading in the right direction. I would highly recommend Karla and her practice


- Kiley P, Fountain Hills AZ





Very professional, relaxing and effective . Much needed stress relief !!!


- Keri P





I have to recommend Karla, not only because she is a great person, but because the great job she does!!! The treatment she has been giving me for a constant ache in my legs and hips has help a lot. Every visit I leave feeling happy and super relaxed... and looking forward to the next time :) I definitely recommend Karla, she is an amazing acupuncturist!!! Plus she has this super cool "happy hour" service around noon so you can go during your lunch break to have a "relaxing and refreshing happy hour"... how cool is that!

- Gabriela F, Scottsdale AZ





Karla is a fantastic acupuncturist! I've had sessions with her to maintain my arms and wrists for massage therapy. Each session has been effective and beneficial to keeping me happy and healthy!


- Danniel T.





Great Customer Service, knowledge and results.

Thank you!

 -Martha N





Dr. Karla is so knowledgeable and with so much experience. I really feel like I found the best in the field.


- Kelly F





 I have rheumatoid arthritis and was hospitalized due to a complication from the medication.  I then sought non-medication treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis. This is when I began acupuncture treatment with Karla.  I have been a client of Karla’s for 2 years. She has treated me for rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis and allergy symptoms with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  As a result of her management, I continue to experience pain relief from my rheumatoid arthritis and shrinking of my rheumatoid nodule on my elbow. Additionally, the Chinese herbs she’s recommended resolve my sinusitis and allergy-related symptoms – secretions, facial pressure, and headache. 

Karla is professional, compassionate and genuinely cares about my well-being.  I have experienced a significant improvement in my quality of life and continue her treatment/management!

-Pamela M




I have found my one and only Acupuncturist, Karla! I have tried other one on one acupuncture and community acupuncture that were good, but Karla is the absolute best. If you have stress, chronic pain, or just need a little zen, this is the place. My first appointment, I was blown away by the time she took to go over my long and sorted past of pain and misery. I had a spinal fusion a few years ago and have been dealing with some hip bursitis and upper thoracic chronic pain. The time she has spent listening to me ramble on would surpass a decade of my traditional doctor and physical therapy appointments. Her demeanor just gushes empathy and she is truly my angel with an accent :)  She provides many different options along with traditional acupuncture including Gua Sha, ear seeds (after my dental work), dietary/supplement recommendations, meditation suggestions, potential books to enjoy, and stress management. I never feel rushed (most of my appointments are 1hr) and she always asks if I am ok on time if we try another few needles. She never gives up on relieving my pain, and I ALWAYS feel completely transformed when I leave. I have tried so many treatments but acupunture with Karla has given me the best results. She offers single session payment and packages, which are very very affordable. My pain is under control but I will continue to go for maintenance...everyone needs to spoil themselves once and a while!


- Jill G, Tempe AZ


I hurt my back one day tripping over a table and with a previous back injury it really flared up! I was in tremendous pain.  I had never had acupuncture before, so I didn't know what to expect.  I am so glad I saw her. The first thing I can say about Karla is that she gives off an amazing, relaxed bedside manner. She is very patient and kind.   Her office is nice and relaxed and everyone there is nice.  She took her time to talk to me and find out about me.  She did an exam to find out what was going on. She began the treatment by putting the needles in my hands and feet and I'm thinking to myself this is crazy... it's my back!  After 5 minutes I could feel my back pain getting a little less.  At about 20 minutes she had me stand up and move. I couldn't believe it, but my pain was almost 100% gone.  It was still a little tight but I could move with much less pain.  She told me how to manage until the next treatment. That night I went home and slept better than I have in a long time (I deal with insomnia).  After a few more treatments I was pain free and my insomnia is much better!  Thank you Karla...You are awesome!!


- Marc W, Phoenix AZ





I am so happy  I found this acupuncture clinic wanted to try for a long time but glad I waited for right time Karla is an amazing doctor and I am getting super results. If you are thinking of acupuncture look no further this is your place.


- Patti C, Scottsdale AZ





Karla is a gifted healer who puts her heart into all she does. I am so blessed to have found her!


- Cindy W, Scottsdale AZ





I would definitely recommend Alivia Acupuncture.  I went in specifically to heal tendinitis in my foot.  I've had a big red spot on the arch of my foot for four full months.  After 3 treatments, the redness is almost gone and the tenderness has almost completely disappeared.  We are working on a few other things also, will update if there is more good news.

- Cindy S, Phoenix AZ





Excellent No more MIGRAINE thank you Karla.


- Maria P, Phoenix AZ





Karla spent a lot of time performing an extremely thorough consultation to make sure she developed an appropriate treatment plan, targeted to the specific problem area as well as benefitting the rest of the body. After just 2 treatments, there is improvement in the problem area, which has been limiting lifestyle for 2 years! Treatments continue, but we are thrilled and very encouraged so far!


- Christy V





Very experienced. My foot pain stopped immediately.


- Lincoln R





There are so many great things to say about Karla. I have been coming to her for about a year. She has helped me with my health issues; as I would prefer to stay with homeopathic or alternative medical help. She has helped me with my gallbladder issue when the doctors just wanted to take it out. She has been a huge help with fibroid tumors, that again the doctors just wanted to give me a hysterectomy. Within five weeks the fibroid had shrunk down seven centimeters!  Among other things, Alivia Acupuncture has helped me with bladder control issues. I feel like I have my life back.

Karla really cares about you and makes you feel at home from the minute you walk in the door. I like her professionalism, and that Alivia Acupuncture is clean and not new age. I look forward to our session as I come out feeling so relaxed, and I’m working towards better health every time I get a treatment. Thank you, Karla, for all the help and care you give to me.  


-Lesa H. 



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